Programs for High School and College Students

It is no exaggeration that the quality of one’s life turns on the quality of one’s education. Hence, making careful choices from an informed and empowered position is critically important. My educational programs are designed for students to get the most out of their education by providing them with strategies to master their intrinsic skills, the tools they need to articulate their dreams, and the wherewithal to translate them into an education most responsive to their academic and professional goals. I offer keynotes and workshops to young adults to inspire and motivate them to build the life of their dreams. I understand the coming-of-age challenges of young adulthood. I also understand the challenges of higher education and the necessity for students to know who they are and where they want to go, especially if they want to be successful in academia and beyond.

My Most Popular Programs Include:

Executive Function Mastery for Academic Success

This workshop focuses on building the intrinsic skills or executive functions required for academic success: Emotional control, flexibility, self-reflexivity and mindfulness, goal planning, project initiation, organization, time management, sustained attention and persistence, self-monitoring and commitment to completion.

Weakness in any of these executive functions can derail one’s education. For instance, procrastination or inadequate time-management skills often leads to overwhelm, which can result in incomplete or hastily completed projects. Chronic distraction makes learning incredibly challenging as working memory is taxed beyond its natural capacity compromising the necessary process of internalizing new information. Students come away from this workshop with strategies for mastering their intrinsic weaknesses and building on their innate strengths.

Know Thyself!

This half-day workshop is specifically designed to support self-discovery and the clearing of blocks to true Genius.

Additionally, this workshop provides the tools essential for self-reflection and positive self-development including values assessment, examination of life purpose, setting empowered goals based on authentic desires, and creating balance between school, work, and play.

Among other things, this workshop explores the following:

  1. Making your Life about you
  2. Discovering your authentic self
  3. Clearing the constructed, conditioned, programmed self
  4. Receiving answers to your most pressing questions

Own Your Future

This 2-hour workshop is designed for students wanting to take control of their destinies. It offers a proven formula for turning dreams into reality. Success depends on focus and energy, and requires a vision, a mission and a well-laid plan. Dreams don’t just come true, they’re created, and to create them requires mustering courage, fostering confidence and cultivating self-reliance.

This workshop covers the following:

  1. Identifying dreams
  2. Creating a vision
  3. Creating a mission
  4. Developing a plan of action
  5. Cultivating the necessary inner resources and energy

Mastering Time

In this two-hour workshop, students explore their relationship to the three dimensions of time: Past, present and future. They also explore time-related problems such as procrastination, ruminating on past experiences, agitating about what lies ahead, and the squandering of the present due to resistance and lack of focus.

Me, Myself, and the Media!

This 2-hour program is designed to support students to understand their relationship with the media–in all its facets.

It addresses the following:

  1. Becoming a discriminating consumer
  2. Managing media engagement
  3. Creating balance between work and play