Want to create an empowered life built on your unique talents and abilities.

Are passionate about forging your own path.

Are ready to take action.

Know you can do it.

Yet, something is standing in your way.

Forging one’s own path entails connecting to one’s own desire, agency, and autonomy. It requires an understanding that the most fundamental purpose of being in the world is experiencing one’s aliveness—exercising one’s freedom to be, do, and have that which is most enlivening.

So what keeps people from experiencing their aliveness and exercising their freedom? The following: Distress—painful emotions and the disempowered, imprisoning stories they animate, material addictions, cultural and social conditioning and the limiting beliefs they install, and ancestral programming. Fortunately, distress and addictions can be released and limiting beliefs and programming can be overcome. Working through them is part of the forging process. From there it’s about defining the summit and laying the plans to get there.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Yes–with support.