Teri Webb

I help inspired people forge their own paths.

Happiness is innate. It’s our basic nature and ultimate state of well being—characterized by joy, gratitude, love, the sense of being grounded in one’s own life and connected with all that is, was and ever will be. It is most often experienced through a deep connection with oneself and one’s purpose. In our complex and demanding world, to attain happiness requires time, an infallible intention and a strong commitment.

I am a pro at facilitating accelerated growth in individuals inspired to create happiness. How? I serve as a catalyst for change, supporting my clients to capitalize on their strengths, talents, skills and knowledge for creating self-defined happiness. I am a powerful collaborator, assisting my clients to imagine their desired future and the best ways to create it, supporting them to establish clear expectations and goals, and then taking incremental steps toward their completion. As a mentor, I help my clients to manage their insights and to shift their internal dialogue to support their goals. As an educator, I encourage the development of new skills and knowledge relevant to their declared mission and purpose.

Coaching is a Socratic method that turns on strategic, confidential conversations–conversations that get to the heart of what matters and that support the client to clarify choices and find the courage to make necessary or desired changes. My coaching conversations are governed by a set of principles that create an environment conducive to change and expansion: Compassion, respect, a commitment to the truth and to taking action.

Curious and inquisitive by nature, I am engaged at the forefront of the coaching field and have amassed an exceptional treasure trove of well-researched methods, tools and skills designed to support not only self development, but self overcoming as well. Having engaged all of them extensively to work through and let go of the entire spectrum of essential pain feelings—anger, sadness, fear, guilt, pride, and disappointment—I know they work.

I work with people of all ages, and bring to coaching the perspective that humans are enormously intelligent, have complete freedom of decision, complete power of commitment and determination, and an unlimited ability to mobilize the resources necessary to make great things happen—that includes everyone no matter the challenge.